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IFF organizes Eid Milan for non-Muslims in Dammam

By TCN News,

Dammam, Saudi Arabia: To promote communal harmony and remove misconception about Islam and Muslims, Tamil Chapter of India Fraternity Forum (IFF) organized “Eid Milan” program for the non-Muslim brothers on November 26, 2010 at Nahda Auditorium in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The program began with the recitation of the Quranic verses followed by a welcome speech by program coordinator Magdoom Naina. Such programs help in erasing misconceptions about Islam among non-Muslims and also help in maintaining a cordial relationship between people of different faiths, said Naina while briefing the purpose of the program.

Riaz Ahamed of IFF

On the occasion, Mohamed Faisal, President of IFF Dammam chapter, briefly talked on the activities of the IFF. He said that IFF strives for all Indian expatriates irrespective of their states, languages and religions.

Mr. Sivakumar, Secretary of Muthamil Mandram, Dammam, who was the chief guest at the Eid Milan, delivered his speech on the topic of ‘Islam in my view. “The basic tenets of Islam such as prayer, fasting and Zakat have fascinated me a lot and I also felt impressed to know that there is no caste system in Islam and all men are treated equally” he said in his speech.

A speech on ‘Islam – an Introduction’ was delivered by Riaz Ahamed of IFF in which he briefly talked on the concept of God in Islam, the essence of Prophethood and the importance of life after death.

The question and answer session followed the speech and the questions posed by non-Muslim brothers were answered by Mohamed Faisal and Riaz Ahamed. The questions ranged from the principles of Islam to terrorism and Babri Masjid issue.

Notably, since last 5 years, IFF has been arranging such Eid Milan programs wherein Islam is introduced and Muslims share their joy of Eid with fellow non-Muslims. The program has twin target of introducing Islam to non-Muslims and also help to remove their misconceptions on Islam and Muslims.

This year the program was attended by more than 200 people; almost half of them were non-Muslims. At the end of the program Quran and CDs were given to all non-Muslims and dinner was also arranged for all participants.