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India armed forces release joint warfare doctrines


New Delhi : The Indian armed forces, in a major step towards synergising their fighting capabilities, Tuesday released three joint doctrines — on sub-conventional operations, electronic warfare and maritime air operations — that also redefine the battlefield of the future as battle space.

“The joint doctrines collectively aver that it may be more appropriate to call the battlefield of the future as battle space, since wars would be fought not only in air, on land and sea but also in cyberspace, on electronic fronts, along information highways and media fronts,” a defence ministry statement said.

“Success in such a battle space depends on joint teamwork by maritime, ground and air forces operating effectively, individually and together in support of shared military objectives,” it added.

“Considering the prevailing security environment in the country and its neighbourhood, it is mandatory to ensure that the thrust of all agencies involved in combating terrorism is focussed towards the common enemy and the synergised endeavour produces best results.

“Taking the lead from the operational imperatives, these doctrines would fundamentally shape the way armed forces plan, think and train for military operations,” statement said, adding: “The Indian armed forces are one of the few militaries in the world which have joint operational doctrines for optimising their capabilities.”

The doctrines were released by Indian Army chief General Deepak Kapoor, who is also the chairman of the chiefs of staff committee. Indian Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma and Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik were also present on the occasion.