Home Economy Food price inflation rises to 17.94 percent

Food price inflation rises to 17.94 percent


New Delhi : India’s annual food inflation based on wholesale prices rose to 17.94 percent for the week ended Jan 30 from 17.56 percent the week before, according to official data released Thursday.

Prices of essential items kept rising with vegetables dearer by 20.93 percent, potatoes 40.57 percent, pulses 41.24 percent and fruits 8.67 percent during the 52-week period.

The limited data on the wholesale index released by the commerce and industry ministry further showed rise in index for primary articles by 15.75 percent while that for fuels rose 10.44 percent.

India’s overall inflation rate, based on the wholesale prices index, had risen sharply to 7.31 percent in December from 4.78 percent the previous month mainly on account of higher food prices.

The price rise of some essential food items over the 52-week period:

– Potatoes: 40.57 percent

– Pulses: 41.24 percent

– Cereals: 12.15 percent

– Rice: 9.90 percent

– Milk: 14.16 percent

– Wheat: 15.47 percent

– Vegetables: 20.93 percent

– Fruits: 8.67 percent