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Power supply resumes in Punjab, Haryana after hours of blackout


Chandigarh : Power supply was partially restored in various parts of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh early Sunday after it had remained snapped for over five hours due to the tripping of the northern grid Saturday night, an official said.

“Our engineers and other technical staff are on their toes. They are scrutinising the whole situation. Power supply has been resumed in most parts of this region and very soon it will be activated in all areas,” Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) chairperson H.S. Brar told IANS.

The northern grid had again tripped around 10 p.m. Saturday. Earlier, tripping had occurred at 3.02 a.m. Saturday and power supply was restored after as many as seven hours of blackout.

“Controlling tripping is not in our hands and it is quite common during the times of intense cold and foggy conditions. Earlier also, we had faced similar situations, moreover it is necessary for the protection of grid,” Brar said.

The tripping of the grid led to disruption of supply to the hydro and thermal power plants of this region.

The grid tripped twice Saturday, causing a blackout in most parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh and seriously affected train services.

“Due to the grid failure Saturday night, over a dozen trains in Ambala division were affected. We had to wait for the resumption of power supply as diesel supply was also late due to dense fog on roads,” divisional railway manager (Ambala division) H.K. Jaggi told IANS.

“Besides, on Saturday morning, 15 trains in Ambala division and nearly 50 trains in the entire region were affected due to tripping,” he said.

Most of the trains were also delayed as they were running at very slow speed due to poor visibility. Many passengers were stranded at railway stations in this region.