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Don’t visit Australia for ‘phoren tag’


New Delhi: Australians of Indian origin who have gathered for the annual diaspora jamboree here are not surprised by the attacks on Indian students.

They say there is no anti-India feeling Down Under, but the loud and brash behaviour of some Indian students has attracted the hostility of Australian low-life criminals who find them an easy target.

An Indian Australian doctor for example who has been living in Sydney for decades said he has never faced any overt racial hostility in that country. Indian Australians fully endorsed External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna’s advice to Indian students and their parents to avoid Australia for irrelevant courses like hairstyling and facials.

“He is absolutely right. There are plenty of opportunities in India,” he said. Many parents send their sons to study in Australia just to get the “phoren tag” so they can get a fat dowry in marriage, quipped one.