Home International Over $268 million pledged for Haiti aid, says UN

Over $268 million pledged for Haiti aid, says UN


Geneva : Over 268 million dollars has been pledged by organisations and governments around the world to help the humanitarian rescue efforts in Haiti, the United Nations said Friday.

The money was pouring in from the United States, which promised 100 million dollars and the World Bank, which pledged an identical amount.

European governments were giving as well, with several countries promising donations, including 4.37 million from the European Union in Brussels, London announced 10 million for Haiti, Spain 4.37 million dollars and Germany 2.17 million, according to UN data.

The Netherlands promised 2.91 million, while Switzerland pledged 1.9 million and China said it would give 1 million dollars, among other donors.

Donations were also coming from private companies who make equipment or provide services needed in the rescue and recovery operations, including telecommunications and heavy machinery.

Charities like Doctors Without Borders and agencies like the Red Cross were also reporting donations from private people and governments.