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BJP-led MCD warns against beef in Games menu


New Delhi : The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Thursday warned that if the Delhi government served or imported beef for foreign visitors during the Commonwealth Games, the civic agency would take legal action against officials and the hotel management concerned.

“As per a resolution passed by the MCD House in January last year, foreign visitors during the Commonwealth Games should not be served cow meat. This is in tune with the Delhi government’s Delhi Agricultural Animal Protection Act, 1994,” Subhash Arya, leader of the house, told reporters.

“If the law is not adhered to, we assure you that all BJP councillors and supporters will come out in open protest and FIRs will be lodged against the officials and hotels for importing or serving beef,” he said.

Under the Act, slaughtering cows, possession or import of beef is strictly prohibited.

“Last year Delhi government officials accepted that beef was indeed on the menu for Commonwealth Games visitors. But nobody is above the law and we will use all our power to prosecute the offenders. Sealing notices will be served to any hotel premises found serving beef,” said Ram Kishan Singhal, the standing committee chairman.

Arya said he had written to Lt. Governor Tejendra Khanna that the prestige of the country was at stake and the sentiments of millions of Indians should be considered by prohibiting the import of beef. He urged the Khanna to advice the Commonwealth Games committee accordingly.

“When Indians travel abroad to the European Union or Australia, we are not allowed to carry pickles or dairy items or even a harmless apple and made to throw them away at the airport. It is strange that we are allowing the import of beef against the sentiments of our own countrymen,” Arya said.