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Rs.1 lakh fine for dead flies in bottle


New Delhi : The state consumer commission has slapped a fine of Rs.1 lakh on a beverage company after a consumer complained of two dead flies in a Maaza bottle.

The State Consumer Redressal Commission headed by Justice Barkat Ali Zaidi ordered Moon Beverages, a unit of Coca-Cola, to pay a compensation of Rs.1 lakh and deposit it in the consumer welfare fund.

The commission also asked the company to pay Rs.5,000 as damages to complainant Vinod Gupta.

“In a case of this nature when the facts speak for themselves which gain support from the bottle and the documents, no further evidence is required especially in absence of any evidence from the company,” the commission said.

Refuting the company’s contention that it was not responsible for the flies in the bottle, the commission said: “Who else will be responsible if the manufacturer is not responsible? The contention is without merit.”

The court was hearing the appeal of Moon Beverages against the district consumer forum order ordering a compensation of Rs.1 lakh.

Vinod Gupta, a resident of Sagarpur in West Delhi, had bought four bottles of Maaza and found two dead flies in one bottle.

“The manufacturer has to be held responsible and the District Consumer Forum was fully justified in its award,” the commission ruled.