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Indian-owned jeweller’s shop burgled in Britain


Leicester (Britain) : In the second such incident within a week, an Indian-owned jewellery shop in the city’s Belgrave Road was robbed of goods worth thousands of pounds, a media report said Wednesday.

Jitendra Vaitha of Bipin Jewellers said he saw how the robbery took place on the CCTVs installed outside and inside the shop.

The gang used a heavy duty cutter to slice through the security shutters of the shop late Monday night and entered the shop by breaking the toughened glass window with a sledge hammer.

“There were three of them. They cut the grille first and then smashed the window. Then one got in and took goods from the window display,” Vaitha was quoted by the Leicester Mercury as saying.

This is the second such incident since robbers Tuesday drove a van into the entrance of Alankar Jewellers, also on Belgrave Road, in broad daylight and robbed it.

Shop keepers at the jewellery market on Belgrave Road, known as Leicester’s Golden Mile, are now apprehensive about security in the area. This is the seventh robbery reported within a year.

The jewellers link the string of robberies to the rising price of gold, reports Leicester Mercury.