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National Health Service looks for 1,000 pounds-a-day consultant

By Venkata Vemuri, IANS,

London : Britain’s prime minister who faces the task of cutting down a 150 billion pounds debt gets paid 142,000 pounds a year. The health services now propose to hire a consultant to advise on saving costs for an annual salary of 261,000 pounds.

The National Health Service (NHS), which is facing job losses and cuts worth 20 billion pounds from budgets by 2014, wants the advisor to oversee “efficiency and cost-saving measures”.

The Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS trust placed the advertisement for the 1,000 pounds-a-day post last week. It reads: “In light of the pressures the NHS is facing, our client requires a turnaround director with a strong financial background to lead on a number of efficiency and cost saving measures.”

The successful applicant will be based at the Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, and will work for at least six months earning the equivalent of 261,000 pounds a year. This compares to 259,999 pounds paid to NHS Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson.

John Lister of campaign group London Health Emergency told The Daily Mail: “There are enough managers employed by trusts as it is – they shouldn’t need to take someone on to cut staff. For those who do lose their jobs it will rub salt in the wounds knowing that the person who helped get rid of them is earning 1,000 pounds a day.”

Unfazed by the criticism, a spokesman for Mid Essex Hospital said: “We face significant financial challenges this year so decided to seek short-term, external support to help us deliver our efficiency and cost-savings plan. We are looking for a highly experienced individual with a proven track record of delivering results.”

Several other hospital trusts are on such recruitment sprees. Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust is advertising for a 40,157 pounds-a-year sustainability officer to implement energy-saving initiatives. Oxford and Buckingham Mental Health Trust is recruiting a ‘change facilitator’ earning up to 34,189 pounds a year.

Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS trust is looking for a website editor for 46,374 pounds.

Lambeth Primary Care Trust is seeking two members of staff to help discourage people from smoking, earning up to 40,000 pounds a year.