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A workshop for keeping tabs on MPs and MLAs

By AaliyaRushdi, TwoCircles.Net

Calicut: The PRS Legislative Research of Delhi and the Calicut Press Club of Kerala has jointly conducted a workshop on ‘Tracking of Legislators’ on Saturday, 20-03-2010 at the Calicut Press Club conference hall. The workshop was conducted for the budding journalism students by the PRS Legislative Research as a part of their series of workshops for the journalism students.

The Parliament Research Society’s Legislative Research group termed as PRS Legislative Research have been working in the field since 5 years from September 5, 2005. They study the non Legislative issue in the Parliament like, Cases of bail on MP’s on matter like drought, or any other calamity. They also conduct researches the various Bills being brought out in the Parliament. As a part of this program they have distributed a booklet among the students which gives information on the Women Reservation Bill which came as a part of the 108th amendment of the constitution. The public can get any detail of the firm and also of their researches in the website www.prsindia.org.

Mr Jakshu Roy started the class by questioning the students on the MLA’s and MP’s from the State. Later on, they gave details on how a Legislative Assembly works, how frequently do the MP’s meet and also about what is the daily working procedure of the legislature in the Parliament.

They also introduced various websites in which we could see the working of the legislature of each state. For example, to look about the Legislative Assembly of Kerala, which is called Niyamasabha, we will have to look on the website; www.niyamasabha.org. It was made clear by them that through this website, we can check the functioning of a legislative Assembly, the attendance of the members in it, the questions that the members ask at the Parliament. So, in a way it helps to bring out to the public each and every minute detail about the governing body.

Now, through this website we can also check on the biographical status or profile of each MP or MLA of the state. From which we can understand about their age, educational Qualification, Terms of Power etc. In the work profile of this MLA’s we can see as to what amount they were allotted to work in their constitution and that how much did they spend on different purposes.

Every detail of such things is clearly marked in the website. So, it is true that as a journalist and as citizen, it helps each individual to check in these sites and question the government if needed. Or else a citizen can also understand about the development being held under each sector in the State.

The program started at 10am in the morning with around 60 students and 10 media persons. Two personalities from the PRS, Mr Jakshu Roy and Ms Tonusree Basu have come to the press all the way from to take classes on legislative behaviour to the students of Journalism.

The Director of the Press Club, Mr.MadhuShankar presided over the function. The Inaugural address was given by Mr Kamal, one of the members of the managing Committee and also a faculty for the journalism students of the Press Club.

The workshop was over by 12.00 in the noon.1hr were given for the audience to clear their doubts. And the Workshop proved to be a really useful class on an innovative subject. “As the students of journalism, we knew that we had to much more about the legislature, but now we are happy in finding method to search for our queries” Safeera, a student of Journalism at Press Club.