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Holocaust soap made from human fat on sale in Canada!


Toronto: A Canadian store in Montreal has claimed it is selling soap made from the fat of Holocaust victims.

The shop has displayed the beige-coloured soap bar inscribed with a Swastika in a glass case with a card reading ‘Poland 1940,’ a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says. The shop also sells a braid of hair which it claims originated from a Nazi ‘extermination camp.’

It is not illegal in Canada to sell products bearing a Swastika symbol of the Nazis.

The store owner claims the soap was “made out of people … the fat of people” who perished in the Holocaust. He has refused to speak about the soap in detail, just saying that displaying such items reminds people of the Holocaust.

He says he will never sell these products to neo-Nazis.

Though it has been proved that Nazis experimented with making soap from human remains, historians and Holocaust experts deny that they (Nazis) were able to mass-produce soap from remains of the Jewish victims.

The display of the so-called Nazi soap has outraged Jewish Canadians. They say that if it is genuine soap, then it should be displayed in a museum to remind people of the horrors of Nazism.

“It’s just offensive to the core. I can’t imagine that someone would even pretend to say they are collecting it for historical interest,” said Anita Bromberg, legal representative for the Jewish organization B’nai Brith.

“The sale of objects which glorify Nazism and hatred, to me, do nothing. They certainly don’t help us remember… this individual, and others like him, are not preserving history in any way,” Alice Herscovitch, director of Montreal’s

Holocaust Centre, told the TV network.

“These are items that should not be out there in a promotional, sales kind of way,” she said.

Police say they are speaking to the Jewish community about facts and seeking lab analysis before taking any against the shop keeper.