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Strategic dialogue proves successful: Pakistan FM Qureshi


Lahore : Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Sunday the US felt for the first time that the political and the military leadership of Pakistan have a collective approach regarding its interests and policies.

Talking to mediamen here at the airport after return from United States, he said the Strategic Dialogue had proved to be more successful than our expectations.

He said that Pakistan had successfully conveyed its point of view to the Americans, adding that Pakistani officials had discussed many issues in the Strategic Dialogue. “We have conveyed all matters of the mutual concerns to them and US has agreed to consider our demands,” he said.

Qureshi said that the process of dialogue would continue and its next phase would start in April, he added that Hillary Clinton, US secretary of State would visit Pakistan in the near future after the completion of 2nd phase of the dialogue.

He remarked that many American delegations would also visit Pakistan for mutual cooperation in different fields.

The Minister said that after the visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he would again go to the USA for further developments.

Qureshi said that Americans have also agreed to consider our demands on security issues.

He said that the matters of the body scanning of Pakistani citizens in the United States were also discussed while the economic and agriculture issues were also reviewed with Americans.

He said the issue of energy shortage in Pakistan had also put forth before the officials of USA.

“We told them that Pakistan is severely facing energy crisis and we have asked them to help Pakistan in the energy sector,” he added.

He said that US officials had assured Pakistan that the United States would help Pakistan in the energy sector.

He further said that request had also been made for help in getting soft term loans from International Monetary Fund for Pakistan.

The issue of Drone attacks was also discussed with US, he said and added that there would be new developments in this regard.