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Laura Chinchilla becomes Costa Rica’s first woman president


San Jose : Laura Chinchilla, who has been sworn in as the first woman president of Costa Rica, has pledged to bring more peace and quality education in the country.

Chinchilla was sworn in at 11.39 a.m. local time (1739 GMT) Saturday, as she put on the presidential sash, at a ceremony in the capital city of San Jose.

Two new vice presidents were also sworn in Saturday.

Chinchilla, during her acceptance speech, promised to work with all of Costa Rica’s political spectrum and citizens.

“Leadership consists in crafting agreements. Costa Rica is our shared home and no one should seek a monopoly on the truth,” she was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

The president said she would raise the nation’s education budget.

“We will work as a team for more peace in Costa Rica, with more police so that Costa Rica’s children are free to enjoy the fruits of liberty,” Chinchilla said.

“We will also work to make Costa Rica more competitive, but also to make sure that the achievements of some do not conflict with the rights of others,” she said.

Presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Georgia, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Spain’s crown prince Felipe attended the ceremony.

Chinchilla won the presidential election Feb 7, 2010 with 46.8 percent of votes. Her term runs till 2014.