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Rawalpindi traffic cops impose Rs.50 mn in fines in 4 months


Rawalpindi : The Rawalpindi traffic police fined a staggering 274,262 violators a hefty Rs.50 million ($594,000) in the first four months of the current year, it said Sunday.

Chief Traffic Officer and Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Muhammad Akhtar Abbas in a statement said the traffic police impounded 5,005 motorcycles and vehicles for violating various rules during this period.

Tickets were issued against 42,583 drivers for breaching traffic laws, including the use of banned number plates or running vehicles without number plates, Abbas said, adding that 32,318 vehicles were fined for breaching parking laws.

Fines were also imposed on 14,846 individuals for violating traffic signals in Rawalpindi, Abbas said.

Action was taken against 5,949 people for using mobile phones during driving, while 1,252 pressure horns were confiscated.

Tinted glasses were also removed from 4,161 vehicles, Online news agency quoted the statement as saying.

During the last four months, Abbas said, action was also taken against 842 under-aged drivers.

The traffic police also took action against beggars, arresting 1,248 of them and shifting them to different police stations.