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Trade unions in last-minute appeal against UK cuts


London : British trade unions are making a last minute appeal against the scale of public spending cuts due to be announced by the government next week by calling on MPs to speak out about the damage they will cause to the country.

“By reducing the deficit through 80% cuts and only 20% taxation, the burden will fall on the most vulnerable, rather than those who helped cause the crisis and could afford a fairer share,” the Trades Union Congress (TUC) said.

“Planning to pay off the deficit in four years is much too fast whilst the economy is so fragile. We’re risking a double dip recession, hitting jobs and incomes right across the UK,” it said.

Unions are planning a mass lobby of parliament on Tuesday, the day before Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne details the extent of the cuts in the government’s Public Spending Review.

“We think he’s making a big mistake. The scale and pace of cuts is not necessary, and certainly not fair. The Chancellor says the cuts are inevitable, but we think they’re ideological,” the TUC warned.

In a statement obtained by IRNA, it called on its more than seven million members to campaign against the cuts by emailing MPs to ensure they are fully aware of the strength of opposition and how much damage will be caused to local communities.

The cuts are expected to lead to widespread strikes and protests which some fear could lead to confrontation and rioting on British streets.