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Blogger posts price list of women wanting to be mistresses


Beijing: A blogger in China’s Shanghai city has been warned by the police after she posted a photograph of a price list of college girls who wanted to be mistresses.

Shanghai Daily reported that the list was posted on the blog in June and later picked up by major Chinese websites.

Girls keen to be mistresses from different colleges were tagged with prices ranging from 20,000 ($2,900) to 500,000 yuan per year, depending on the quality of the colleges.

Girls from prestigious universities were on top of the list while those from smaller colleges cost less.

The list also had the contact number of an agent who could introduce the mistresses to wealthy customers.

The post has been considered a violation of local regulations on the Internet and of “rumour spreading and violating public order”, reported shcois.net.

The netizen, surnamed Guan, was warned by the police and the original post has been blocked.

“Many things online are exaggerated and lack credibility,” Zhang Shengquan, an official at Shanghai Theatre Academy that is a college on the list, was quoted as saying.

“Some individual cases (of women willing to be mistresses) don’t represent everyone.”

The agent who made the list claimed: “The prices according to university are a joke… I made up that ranking to attract public attention and promote my business.”

But he said he did work as an agent and the business was real.

“But I usually negotiate with the client directly.

“I have girls, but do you think you have enough money to afford them,” the man said after Shanghai Daily inquired about the list.