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Hundreds evacuated after tropical storm hits Mexico


Cancun (Mexico) : Hundreds of people have been evacuated from Mexico’s Quintana Roo state after tropical storm Karla hit the region with wind speeds of up to 95 kmph.

The storm made landfall Wednesday morning.

Power and telephone lines were cut as heavy rains and gusts of wind lashed the region, Quintana Roo state authorities said.

Scheduled activities to celebrate the country’s independence bicentennial in the municipalities of Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Jose Maria Morelos and Othon P. Blanco could be affected, officials said.

A red alert has been declared in these four municipalities in southern Quintana Roo.

Southern coastal areas of Quintana Roo were evacuated and fishermen in Banco Chinchorro zone were advised to dock their boats and go ashore.