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US “most militaristic’ government in world, says British experts

LONDON: (NNN-IRNA): The United States is the “most militaristic” government in the world which tries to wield its influence by “interfering in the domestic affairs” of independent countries, several prominent British experts said on Monday.

Peter Eyre, an expert on the Middle East, told IRNA that the US government is part of the “New World Order” which aims to “dominate the world in every aspect of life politically, economically and militarily”.

Referring to the recent comments by the US secretary of state on Iran, he said the US and most of its European allies are themselves ‘militaristic countries.’

“We have a saying in England which truly puts Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Iran into perspective: ‘The Teapot Calling the Kettle Black.’

“In general I find such people as Clinton as being part of the old US ‘Imperialistic Brigade’ that one associates with Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush and many others.”

Eyre added that the US munitions industry is one of the “most lucrative” export industries in the world whose ideology is to keep existing wars going or to create a conflict in order to expand its arms exports.

Yvonne Ridley, the veteran British journalist, said Clinton’s comments with regards to Iran are suggestive of “the rank hypocrisy” of the Obama administration.

Referring to the history of American wars, she said the US government has “invaded more than 20 countries in the last 50 years–hardly the actions of a nation of peace.”

“… When it is not making war, America is very happy to sell the weapons of war to regimes around the world including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and most of the Persian Gulf countries where democracy is indeed in short supply,” she told IRNA.

Branding the United States as the “most militaristic” government, Ridley said that the United States has the largest military in the world “whose weaponry is so large it outnumbers in every way imaginable the might and strength of the next 27 countries put together”.

Also speaking to IRNA, Kamal Helbawi the director of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism in London said there is no other country more militarist than the United States and Israel.

Helbawi said Israel and other terrorist entities occupy other countries with the military help of the United States whose main aim is to sell its military equipment and ammunitions.

He said Clinton’s comments on Iran are “ignorant” and an indication of the American interference in the internal affairs of independent states.

“Iran is an Islamic state whose leaders are elected democratically by the people…America has been trying to stop this democratic process by trying to interfere in the domestic affairs of Iran,” Helbawi added.

US Secretary of State Clinton has claimed that Iran is becoming a “military dictatorship”.

She said in an interview on Sunday that ‘I can only hope that there will be some effort inside Iran, by responsible civil and religious leaders, to take hold of the apparatus of the state.’