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Ensure against street protests this year, Kashmir told


Jammu : The central government has conveyed to the Jammu and Kashmir government that it is keen that the bloody protests of last year do not recur this summer in the valley, officials said Saturday.

According to the officials, the central government has asked the state to keep in check the instigators of the trouble, the separatist leaders and their supporters, and not to show any leniency towards trouble-makers.

The union home ministry has cautioned the state government against any complacency this year as the trouble in the past three summers in Kashmir has deeply embarrassed the central government, official sources told IANS.

The central government has also indicated that it may open direct contact with the people in the valley to ensure they stay engaged in a positive manner. The central government is keen that there is no reappearance of the protesterss and stone-throwers on the streets of the valley.

Last year, the street violence and police action against protesters left more than 110 people, mostly youth, dead.