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Diaspora also celebrates India’s World Cup win


New Delhi : Wherever they were and whatever the local time, the Indian diaspora were keenly following the India-Sri Lanka final and were ecstatic as India lifted the World Cup, as their comments on social networking sites like Facebook show.

“WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS……WE ARE THE BEST AND ALWAYS REMAIN THE BEST..INDIA ZINDABA (sic!) ” posted Geoffrey Cowasjee, who works in Australia, where it was well into the night.

For Sapna Mohan, a tourism agency executive in London, the long wait for India’s second World Cup title was worth it.

“we did it. India is the world cricket champion. we did in style, worth 28 years wait,” she posted on her page.

Sumita Valecha, a homemaker living in Chicago where her husband is pursuing an MBA, was avidly following the match.

“Sri Lanka at their scrambling best;),” she wrote at a time when the outcome was not still settled.

“Yup…Not Out!” was the response when a dismissal, sought to be reviewed by the Sri Lankan team, went India’s way.

A little later, Sumita was anxious over India’s position.

“The runs needed to balls remaining ratio is getting me a little antsy….they need some big shots now!!” she said.

But her concern proved misplaced.

“28 years, to the day, in the making…….YES!” she wrote before congratulating family and friends on the victory.

The celebrations across India were replicated abroad too.

“Well done team India you’ve made every Indian proud….ther’re going crazy all over London..a well deserved celebration indeed,” was Britain-based marketing professional Saurabh Arora’s status.