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BJP takes a dig at Trinamool on black money issue


Kolkata: Taking a dig at former alliance partner Trinamool Congress on the issue of black money being used in the ongoing assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Jaitley Wednesday said the “new richness” of Trinamool Congress is a matter of concern.

“In Assam, Trinamool Congress is a small party. But during elections this year, they were running the most expensive campaign on the television channels. I felt like they were in the government in Assam. The new richness of Trinamool is a matter of concern. I think leaders of Trinamool had acquired a new set of resources or new set of resourceful friends,” said Jaitley while talking to media persons here.

Earlier, West Bengal’s ruling Left Front had repeatedly accused the Trinamool Congress of using a huge amount of black money for campaigning in the state assembly elections, which has been denied by the Trinamool leadership.

Jaitley, the leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha, also questioned the alleged relation between the banned Maoists and the Trinamool Congress.

“The way the statements have come out from both Trinamool and Maoist is really a matter of concern. I have also heard the statements have come out in the media saying that Maoists have said that they would allow only one party to campaign in the Maoist-affected areas. I would say only one thing that riding a tiger is dangerous for the rider also. Nobody should take help from such organisations,” he said.