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Mumbai Edition of Malayalam daily launched

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: Governor of Maharashtra K Sankarnarayanan on Thursday launched Mumbai Edition of Madhyamam, a Malayalam daily, at posh Birla Matoshree Hall in South Mumbai. Inaugurating the 19th Edition of the daily, Sankarnarayanan, himself a Malayali, described the newspaper as lion.

It’s very strange that in this age of Corporate Media and tough competitions, a newspaper of 19 editions spreading 5 countries and with nearly 10 lacs of circulation is run by a charitable trust and strictly follows what they call an Ethical Journalism. T. Arif Ali, Chairman of Madhyamam Charitable Trust said, “We follow ethical journalism and don’t accept advertisement of Alcohol like wine, anything porn and against the overall ethics prevailing in our country.”

Known as the paper of the downtrodden and the deprived in Kerala, it is the first international newspaper of India, claimed V.K. Hamza, editor of Gulf Madhyamam. He said, “We established it in 1987 and now are the brand Ambassador of India in the international Media especially in Gulf catering to Malayali Diaspora.” He also compared Kerala and Mumbai as both are cosmopolitan in nature.

About the timing of the launch of Mumbai Edition, M.D. Nalappat, director of Department of Geopolitics said, “It’s the perfect time as the nation is in a transitional period. Our countrymen started standing up against the corruption and it’s a perfect time to launch Madhyamam Mumbai edition to prove that an honest reporting can also survive in this world of corporate Media.”

Comparing Madhyamam with other Media Houses, M.D. Nalappat informed, “The editor and the trustees of Madhyamam did not make any money and continue to live a humble life whereas I have seen others also who are living luxurious life and enjoying the power of Media.”

He also said that Madhyamam has called K Sankarnarayanan not only because he is the governor of Maharashtra but he is an honest Politician. “During my days of Journalism I tried to find out any corruption attached to Sankarnarayan but failed,” he said.

Oscar-winning recording artist of the famed “Slumdog Millionaire,” Rasool Kutty also welcomed a Malayalam daily in Mumbai. Rasool Kutty, a Malayali living in the City of Dream said, “Mumbai has a large heart and resilience.”

He remembered his days of struggle and said, “16 years before, I came in Mumbai after passing out from the college. Mumbai embraced me with love. It showed me how to dream, showed me the way and gave me the courage to realize those dreams.”

Rasool Kutty, Social Activist of Maharashtra Dr. Suresh Khairnar, Industrialist, P.A. Abdul Hakim, Maharashtra MLC, Vikram Kale, all wished the Editor of Madhyamam O. Abdul Rehman, great success.