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22 Chinese women rescued from forced prostitution


Beijing : At least 22 women, who were forced to become sex workers in a Chinese city, have been rescued by police, officials said Sunday.

Six suspects have been arrested for forcing the women into prostitution, Xinhua reported.

The women were lured by job promises to Xiamen in southeast Fujian province, where the suspects forced them to work as sex workers at an entertainment parlour, police said.

Police raided the parlour Saturday night after they were tipped off by two women who escaped from a house in the city. The women were kept in the house by the suspects when they were not working.

The rescued women were from Fujian, Henan and Sichuan provinces and Chongqing, police said.

Over the past decade, many young women from rural areas have left their hometowns in record numbers to seek jobs in bustling cities, but have become prey to human trafficking rings.