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SDPI urges govt. to enact Lokpal Bill with modifications

By TCN News,

Bhopal: Mr. E. Abubacker, President of the Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), in a press statement has called upon the Central Government to incorporate all the relevant clauses proposed by Team Anna and other social groups and not to play into the hands of the communal elements who are rallying behind the Gandhian from Gujarat with the help of the monopoly media.

Mr. Abubacker said the party is apprehensive of the rightist anti-reservation forces putting up daily spectacle at Ramlila ground in the national capital in the name of fighting corruption in public life. It is true that the failure of government to check corruption and involvement of top government officials, ministers and members of judiciary in huge scams, warrants immediate legislature to stem the rot and take exemplary corrective measures to prevent the loot of public money, he stressed.

However, he said, no person including Anna Hazare has any right to question the legislative powers of the Parliament even though any legislation reflects the people’s will. Anna Hazare cannot be allowed to enforce his whims and fancies on the representative government, in the manner he flogged his villagers into submission. His close interaction with Sangh Parivar is nothing new and it is not confined to the recent struggle against corruption. This “Gandhian” was very much impressed with Maharashtra Navanirmaan Sena leader Raj Thackeray’s campaign against migrants in Maharashtra and did not hesitate to declare that outsiders trying to dominate in the state are not acceptable. This peace loving septuagenarian was absent when fascists with the help of Narendra Modi government engineered genocide on the streets of Gujarat. Though later forced to retract only recently he praised Narendra Modi as a model for rural development.

Mr. Abubacker said the party feels that the Prime Minister and members of higher judiciary except the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should be brought under the ambit of the bill.

He also demanded that all NGOs, trusts and societies enjoying the largesse of the governments should be included in the jurisdiction of the Lokpal. Big corporate business houses getting support from the government or public sector financial undertaking should also be under its purview.

The SDPI supports the government suggestion not to include government officials under the cadre of Group A in the jurisdiction of Lokpal. Inclusion of all government employees in its jurisdiction will result in formation of a vast network parallel to the existing bureaucracy and a source of corruption.

The SDPI is also of the view that CBI, CVC and vigilance departments should continue fighting corruption at various levels and the politicians should stop intervening in their function when corruption cases crop up. Lokpal should have independent power for prosecution. It is not advisable to centralize all the powers on a single agency in a big country like India where corruption is strongly rooted the statement stated.

Mr. Abubacker blamed the Central Government for mismanaging the situation by playing carrot and stick at most inappropriate occasions. He reminded the people that Lokpal also may not be an ultimate remedy for the corruption in the country. A basic political change is the only solution.