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Please end fast, Aamir Khan tells Anna


New Delhi : Bollywood star Aamir Khan Saturday urged Anna Hazare to end his fast for a strong anti-corruption legislation, saying the 74-year-old was needed for future battles against graft.

“I am concerned (about his health). I am sure all of you are also worried about Anna’s health,” the actor told the thousands gathered at the Ramlila Maidan here.

“I would like to request to Annaji to bring an end to his fast. We are all very worried about him. It has been 12 days. The bill will take time and it should undergo the process, a lot of debates will have to take place… and they are mandatory,” he added.

To express his support, Aamir flew down from Mumbai with his friend, filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani who made “Lage Raho Munnabhai”, which promoted Gandhigiri.

“We all need to stand in support of Annaji to bring a halt to this matter. The whole country is actively participating now but we need to understand that our support should not go waste,” said the 46-year-old actor-filmmaker, who had also extended support during Hazare’s first fast for the Jan Lokpal bill in April.

Aamir also urged the countrymen to eradicate bribery at the individual level.

“After the bill passes, we have to make the choice – whether we want to take bribe or not. That is what will bring the whole decision active in daily lives,” he said.

However, before concluding his speech, Aamir repeated himself: “We need Annaji’s leadership. That is why I would like to request again that please consider my request and bring a halt to your fast.”

While Aamir and Hirani were present at the venue, people also sang the song “Chale Chalo” from Aamir-starrer Oscar-nominated movie “Lagaan”, with the star joining it. The motivational song urges people to remain daunted at their task.

Earlier in the day, singer Sonu Nigam reached Ramlila Maidan to express solidarity, and sang the hymn “Vaishnav jan to”.