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Wear the Anna cap to fight corruption, says Bedi


New Delhi : Team Hazare member Kiran Bedi has a novel idea to uproot corruption from Indian society – wear the ‘I am Anna’ cap when someone asks you for a bribe!

As Anna Hazare’s fast entered the 12th day Saturday, Bedi took on the stage at the Ramlila Maidan and spoke animatedly, drawing cheers and some laughs too.

“All of you who are wearing the Anna cap, I suggest that you should carry this with you to uproot corruption from your lives. Every time an official asks you for bribe, just wear the Anna cap to put across your message,” Bedi said to loud applause from the huge crowd.

“In fact I suggest that all of us should always carry the Anna cap with us. Whenever and whoever asks us for bribe – whether to make a passport or driver’s license, or lodge a police complaint – just wear the cap and maybe gift one to the person too! Let the person be ashamed for his act,” she added.

“Remember, this is not just the Ramlila Maidan where the effigy of Ravana is burned during Dusshera, but it is also the Annabhoomi where corruption was brought to an end,” Bedi further said.

Some enterprising businessmen decided to make a quick buck out of the Anna mania to mass produce the thin cloth caps and merchandise it.