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Ralegan-Siddhi exalted as Anna ends fast


Mumbai/Ralegan Siddhi : There was a carnival like atmosphere in Ralegan Siddhi, the native village of Anna Hazare, and other parts of Maharashtra as the anti-corruption crusader broke his 12-day fast against corruption.

The villagers, who supported Hazare through various forms of non-violent protests, including a ‘no bath day’, sang and danced when the 74-year-old drank the coconut water and honey mixture at New Delhi’s Ramilia Maidan.

“Over 2,000 residents of the village gathered at Sant Yadavbaba temple and prayed for Annaji’s long life and thanked him for taking forward the cause of common man,” said legislator Vijay Avti.

“Annaji is a national hero. He has shown everyone that much can still be achieved by a hunger strike and a peaceful agitation,” he added.

With Kailesh Kher’s catchy Anna number “Ambar tak yahi naad gunje ga” blasting from loudspeakers, the villagers danced with zeal and enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan, thousands gathered to celebrate Hazare’s victory.

People wearing “I am Anna” caps raised slogans like “Mai bhi Anna” and “Annaji ki jai ho” while many broke into spontaneous jigs.

“It is the victory of people’s power, the democracy. Half the battle has been won and we are geared up to fight for the rest,” said a student.