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Suleiman urges Egyptians to end protests


Cairo : Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman Thursday urged protesters to go back to work, vowing to oversee a “peaceful transfer of power”.

Suleiman said he had been entrusted by President Hosni Mubarak to “safeguard the stability of Egypt” and “restore peace and security”.

“History has begun,” Suleiman said in a televised speech broadcast shortly after Mubarak’s announcement that he would not be stepping down from his post, but handing over some powers to Suleiman.

“I am committed to carrying out whatever is necessary to ensure the peaceful transfer of power in accordance with the constitution,” the vice president said.

Suleiman also urged protesters to “go back home, go back to your work” and ignore foreign television and radio outlets “whose aim is just to weaken Egypt” and “cause chaos”.

“The nation needs your efforts to build, develop and create,” he told the protesters.