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Indian Army ‘alert’ to situation on borders with Pakistan, China


New Delhi : The Army has taken elaborate measures to safeguard the borders with China and Pakistan and does not see any reason for worry, a senior army officer said on Monday.

‘Army is fully geared up as far as the security of the borderline with China and Pakistan is concerned. We have taken elaborate measures,’ General Officer Commanding, 9 Corps, Lt Gen A K Choudhary told reporters at Yol Camp in Himachal Pradesh state.

‘There is no need to worry. We keep observing the movements and the postures of the neighbouring countries inimical to the peace of the country,’ he said.

Choudhary said the army was ‘prepared and alert’ to ensure territorial integrity of the country. ‘We are at it. We are alert of the China border.’

With regard to the changing security postures on this side of the border, he said, ‘We cannot just sit and wait. We change our own tactics and keep a tab on developments of the neighbouring countries.’

In reply to a volley of questions on reported transgressions along Sino-Indian border, Choundary said, ‘It is a matter of perception.’

‘The border line with China is not fully demarcated and both the countries have their own perceptions of the border line and so the troops of the respective countries patrol the border line according to it,’ he said.

‘Till the border line with China is not fully demarcated, the troops on the both the sides will continue to do security runs as per this perception,’ he said.

On the issue of Adarsh Society scam, in which several top officers were allegedly involved, he said it would not demoralise security forces as ‘it is an aberration’.