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Rahul, Nitish and Binayak should talk: Sudhir Mishra

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS,

Mumbai : Sudhir Mishra, who is working on a film on Binayak Sen, is upset over the noted rights activist’s life-imprisonment on sedition charges. Mishra feels Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar and Binayak Sen should have a “serious conversation” as a solution to the present day problems lies with them.

“I think the solution to the present day crisis lies with Rahul Gandhi (Congress general secretary), Nitish Kumar (Bihar chief minister) and Binayak Sen. One of them understands the young mind, the other comes from the establishment and understands the grassroot reality, and the third is a dissenter. They should have a serious conversation,” said Mishra.

Commenting on the charges against Sen, the filmmaker said: “What’s the true definition of sedition? I don’t understand it. I’ve met Binayak Sen when I was a young man. Now when he was out on bail, I met him again. Binayak Sen is a very warm, gentle soul, not given to rhetorics at all. He’s very quiet. He’s an army officer’s son for god’s sake!”

“He is my best friend’s elder brother. I was told to be like Binayak-da. He’s a brilliant paediatrician. He could have been in Mumbai and made millions as a doctor. Instead, he chose to listen to Gandhiji and went to the village. Is this what he gets for his idealism?” Mishra asked.

Binayak Sen, who turned 61 Jan 4, is accused of links with Maoists. He was convicted Dec 24 on charges of sedition and conspiracy by a Chhattisgarh court and arrested soon after.

Mishra is keener than ever to make the film on Sen’s life.

“But no one will fund it. I wanted to make a film on what gives birth to a figure like Binayak Sen. I wanted to understand what motivates such a mind. The cinema with a conscience, and about the conscience like Satyajit Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’ and Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s ‘Satyakam’ is almost lost to us. We need to retrieve that cinema,” he said.

The Human Rights Watch is asking the Indian government to drop sedition cases against Sen.

Mishra is hopeful that justice will prevail.

“The National Advisory Council to (Congress President) Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is saying this is not right. They say the evidence against Binayak Sen is very scant,” Mishra said.

“What can I say? I am so glad there has been a surge of protest against the verdict. At least the voice of dissent is alive in India. I am not too enamoured of Amnesty and other international agencies jumping in to protest. I don’t always agree with them. But the voice of dissent in India is reassuring. A lot of people believe Binayak-da is not guilty as charged. I believe them.”

Mishra feels through debate on Sen’s guilt-non-guilt we can arrive at a consensus on how to deal with the ‘Other India’.

“We in the cities live in the barbed seclusion of bungalows and watchmen, cut off from the reality of the grassroot levels. In any political system, there has to be debate.”

Mishra thinks the voice of dissent is not strong enough in India.

“Look at Oliver Stone in America. His film ‘JFK’ can be perceived as a seditious act! Stone feels the official point of view needs a counter view. And he represents that view. He is saying, here’s my point of view, listen to it. That’s democracy,” said the director who has no empathy or patience with Maoists.

He does have a solution, though.

“I’ve no interest or appetite for extremist violence. I think the way out is to have a dialogue with people like Binayak Sen. Since a person like Binayak-da understands those areas where Naxalism exists he’d be the right person to find a solution.

“It’s like Nitish Kumar in Bihar. The moment people saw him to be sincere, caste ceased to matter and they voted for him in one voice. In some ways, I find Nitish and Binayak similar. They both represent a certain hope for a section,” he said.

Mishra feels Binayak Sen’s matter should now go to the Supreme Court.

“The Supreme Court of India has shown great vision and impartiality in the past. All of us who want to protest about Binayak Sen’s sentencing should express our dissent through the Supreme Court Of India.”