Digvijay on Batla house “encounter”: Still have doubts about it

    By TCN Staff Reporter,

    New Delhi: In keeping with his usual stand, Congress leader Digvijay Singh expressed doubts over the genuineness of the Batla House “encounter” of 2008. While speaking at a seminar on “Tracing Sangh terror Trail and Stories of Innocent Muslims” on January 28, Mr. Singh said, “I still have doubts about the encounter as in no encounter; all the five bullets can hit the head (of the alleged terrorist Atif who was killed in the encounter) and not a single one touching any other part of the body.”

    “Don’t push any community that out of helplessness and anguish, it is forced to take recourse to violence,” the former CM of Madhya Pradesh further added. He also rued that 26 English medium educated youths of Azamgarh were arrested just on the basis of doubts and then so many cases were forced on them that they can’t get out of them in their lifetime.

    But in the same breath Mr. Singh also said that he won’t demand any probe of the “encounter as it will be a disrespect to the memory of the martyr Mohan Chand Sharma,” who was allegedly killed after receiving several bullets during the “encounter.”