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Indian Americans criticise government for Mumbai blasts


Washington : Expressing shock over the Mumbai bomb blasts, many Indian Americans have taken the Indian government to task for its failure to stop the repeat terror attack on the country’s financial capital.

“Our government is a bunch of softies. They didn’t learn from the 2008 attacks. These politicians are bothered about winning elections and not interested in protecting people from terrorism. I am afraid these attacks will keep happening,” said Chicago-based IITian and businessman Ray Mehra.

Mehra, who also heads Pan-IIT in the Mid-West, said: “Unless the current generation of Indian politicians are serious about action against terrorism and corruption, India is headed for some kind of revolution because young people are absolutely fed up with the present system.”

New York-based software architect Manas said: “Two days after the fifth anniversary of the July 11 serial train bombings in Mumbai, terror hit the commercial capital yet again on July 13. What is the government doing to secure us?”

“The government does not care about these blasts or how many people lost their lives. Ministers are only concerned about getting into power. Find those behind these terrorist acts and hang them to death.”

Ashok Singh, management consultant with Strong-Bridge LLC in Seattle, said the fresh terror attacks on Mumbai clearly indicate the lack of resolve by the Indian government to tackle terrorists head on.

“People are not just the victim of terrorism but also the victim of apathy and weakness of the Indian government. I hope the government will move beyond expressing concerns and take concrete steps to ensure security of its citizen. I truly believe India has the resources to create a deterrence against the evil designs of terrorists but not sure what the government is waiting on to wake them up,” he said.

The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) expressed its “strong and unequivocal condemnation” of the series of bombings in Mumbai.

“These are indeed heinous acts against humanity and GOPIO condemns this savage attack perpetrated against innocent citizens. We share the pain and anguish of our brethren in India, and extend our condolences to the families of the victims and offer prayers for the speedy recovery of those injured,” said GOPIO president Inder Singh based in Tarzana in California.

He said GOPIO wants tough measures by the government “to bring security, calm and confidence to the people”.

Los Angeles-based known laser scientist and IITian Mani Bhaumik said, “It is truly beyond belief that the peaceful people of India , especially the residents of Mumbai, had to experience another heart wrenching, coordinated, and ferocious terrorist attack after the most audacious, worst terrorist carnage less than three years ago.

“However, as bitterly painful as it is, we must recognize that it is the action of desperate, senseless people whose main goal is to provoke us to join their irrational agenda of misery.”