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Inconsolable pain, uncertain future encircle Asghar’s family

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: Inconsolable pain, mourn, anguish, helplessness, and uncertain future encircled the family of Asgar Faiz Mohammed Dharodia, 29, who died on the spot in the Opera House blast in Mumbai on July 13.

Father Faiz Mohammed said, “On the tragic day Asgar left the home after lunch around 4.00 pm. Around 7.00 pm we got a call that Asgar was injured in the blast and admitted to the Saifee Hospital. I with Asgar’s mother and wife reached Saifee Hospital in an hour only to find him dead.”

Asgar Faiz Mohammed Dharodia

Married just two months ago, Asgar was small diamond merchant and the main source of income for the family of eight, including parents, a married elder brother having two kids and a sister.

Asgar, a Halai Memon, was a college dropout form Burhani College. He was struggling to earn better livelihood for his deprived family. He initially worked as a watch mechanic and two years ago joined the diamond trade.

Asgar’s father, Faiz Mohammed Dharodia

Although nothing can replace his son but Faiz Mohammed is still waiting for the government’s relief that can help his family to recoup at least economically.

Abdul Razzaque, his master in the diamond market, escaped the blast with 10 minutes difference. Crying while recalling the horrifying incident he said, “I met Asgar around 6 pm and left for home at 6.30. On the way to home in a taxi, someone informed me of a blast in opera house. I rushed to the market. Scene was horrible. Most of my trainees and colleagues were injured. Blood everywhere, smell of burning, legs here, hands there and dead bodies lying on the road.”

Abdul Razzaque, friend and master of Asgar

He continued, “I was looking for my son Adil who used to work with Asgar, thank God that my son was alive but very sadly, Asgar who was severely hurt on his right chest died on the spot.”’

Abdul Razzaque was very agitative with the repeated terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the failure of government to provide security. “Politicians remember us only for vote and then leave us on the mercy of these terrorists,” he said.

Residence where Asgar used to live