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Muslim group takes out silent march to denounce Mumbai blasts

By TCN News,

Pune: To condemn the Mumbai serial blasts and to offer condolence to the families of the victims, the Pune chapter of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) organized a silent march at M.G. Road here in Pune on July 16.

While expressing deep shock over this despicable and dastardly act, Iliyas Patel, SDPI Pune secretary, has condoled the death of the innocents in the blast and extended heart-felt sympathies to the families of the deceased and the injured.

He termed it as an inhuman act and demanded harshest punishment for the perpetrators of this heinous act. “Killing of innocent persons is not justified and it is a barbaric act. This cold-blooded killing of innocent people only appears to be aimed at stoking sectarian tensions in a city known for its cosmopolitan outlook,” he said.

He also urged the Union and the state government to rise to the occasion and fight terrorism in all of its malevolent manifestations without casting aspirations towards any caste, creed and community as a whole.

He said that before anything is established conclusively and hard facts and clues point out to some definite conclusions the investigative agencies, political outfits and the media should restrain themselves from floating conjectures and speculations just on the basis of suspicion.

“Each case should be dealt on its merits and see to it that the lives and career of the innocents are not jeopardized in the process. Thus, the blame game should be avoided as in the past this has played havoc with the lives and career of many innocent youths” he added