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Tribals ostracise woman for ploughing


Bhubaneswar : Villagers in Orissa ostracised a woman for more than a fortnight for ploughing land, an act which they say dispeased their diety because it is meant for men, police said Friday.

Villagers of Masinta in district Deogarh, 350 km from here, Wednesday performed a purification ritual because they believe the woman’s act can bring misery to them, Inspector R.K. Sahu told IANS over the phone.

“We suo motto visited the village Thursday and warned the people of consequences if they continue to treat the woman as an outcast,” Sahu said.

Mani Hanoi, 45, sowed paddy July 11 after she did not find a man to do it.

The Munda tribe villagers sacrificed a goat and three white male chickens before the deity and organized a mass feast. They also asked Hanoi to pay a fine of Rs.600 to get rid of her “sin”.