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Government agrees to my demands, but fast on: Ramdev


New Delhi : Yoga guru Baba Ramdev Saturday claimed that the government had agreed to his demands to declare black money as a national asset and take action against those who had stashed money abroad but added that his fast will end only when he gets a written assurance.”We had demanded that the government should declare black money as national asset and should declare stashing of illegal money abroad as sedition… government has agreed to all our demands,” Ramdev told reporters here.

However, Ramdev added that he would give up the fast when the government gives the confirmation in writing.

“The agreement has been on phone as of now and when it is provided to me in written I shall call off the fast,” added Ramdev.

Ramdev began fasting in Delhi’s Ramlila Ground Saturday with thousands of supporters from across the country gathered at the venue to support him.