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Kunjalikkutty steps down; Thangal to select new office-bearers of Muslim League

By TCN News,

Kozhikode: As PK Kunjalikkutty stepped down as the general secretary of the party following the ‘one person, one rank’ policy, the Muslim League is undecided on the new leader. The divided working committee has entitled party president Hyderali Shihab Thangal to select the new office-bearers. The party informed in a press conference held after the meeting that all the four MLAs holding leadership posts in the party have resigned their party posts.

The name of KPA Majeed was brought up to the post of general secretary, but the group supporting senior leader ET Muhammed Basheer opposed it strongly, according to reports. Majeed has the support of the outgoing general secretary PK Kunjalikkutty, who is very powerful in the party. However, the opposition to Mr Majeed among many did not end up as support to Mr Basheer. Another suggestion that came up was to make Basheer the general secretary and Majeed acting secretary, but that too could not gather much support. The names of PKK Bava, Kutty Ahammed Kutty, PMA Salam and Cherkkalam Abdulla were also raised by different people to the posts getting vacant.

The Muslim League working committee met on Sunday to select the new office-bearers of the party, as four in the state leadership are also MLAs. General secretary PK Kunjalikkutty is Industries Minister, secretary Dr MK Muneer is Minister of Panchayats and secretaries TA Ahmed Kabeer and Adv KNA Qader are MLAs. However, the decision to select the new leadership has been left for the discretion of the party president as the working committee is divided over the matter. And till that time, the present office-bearers will continue.

The meeting also discussed the matters of self-financing professional colleges and facilities to increase the seats of Plus Two in Malabar. The party decided to take a strong stand in the self-financing college issue, and not to let the Congress take the decisions in the matter overpowering the party’s Education Minister PK Abdurabb. It also decided to pressurize the government to allow more seats for Plus Two in Malabar to accommodate the increasing number of students. The party will continue its demand for a fifth minister in the coming UDF meeting.

PK Kunjalikkutty said in the press conference held after the meeting that the party had decided to reform its organizational set-up from the Panchayat level to the state general secretary level, following the ‘one person one rank’ policy. Party president will take direct decisions in important matters. The top leaders will guide the changes in the lower levels. The parliamentary set-up and the party will work differently. The policy will be applied to those holding positions in various boards and corporations. However, the temporary arrangement will be followed till the completion of the party’s membership campaign. Changes will be made in the sister organizations also. The decision was taken so that able persons should be provided more opportunities, he added.

ET Muhammed Basheer and KPA Majeed also were present in the press conference.