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Netizens slam Sushma’s Rajghat jig


New Delhi: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sushma Swaraj’s dance at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Rajghat here June 5 during her party’s demonstration against the police crackdown on Baba Ramdev has attracted a volley of taunts in the virtual world.

“For once keeping aside all the controversy on Ramdev and his arrest, what a shame it is to see a politician dancing for entertainment sake at Rajghat to display her party’s celebratory mood against the ruling party,” Priyam Dua posted on video sharing site Youtube.

“And Sushma Swaraj doesn’t even care the symbolic relevance that Rajghat carries,” he added.

“Supporting satyagraha does not mean dancing overnight to boost the morale of your party. At least she (Sushma Swaraj) should have thought over the history Rajghat is known for,” said Vandana Kathuria, a school teacher in Delhi.

Micro-blogging website Twitter was abuzz with responses, mostly sarcastic.

“Sushma Swaraj reaches Patanjali’s HQs (headquarters). Rumours are she is taking yoga lessons so that she can dance better. At Rajghat and in parliament,” posted well known advertising professional Suhel Seth.

Some comments also compared her dance to Bollywood numbers.

Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said Monday that action of BJP leaders had shamed the country.

“They announced an agitation at a place which is held in high esteem not only in India but the world. But by their actions, they have not only lowered respect for Mahatma Gandhi but have shamed the country,” Tewari said.

Defending her action, Sushma Swaraj Tuesday said dancing to patriotic songs was not inappropriate.

“We are patriotic people. We will sing and dance on patriotic numbers,” she told reporters here.

She said that Congress leaders were first ashamed to sing “Vande Mataram” and now were making adverse comments on the singing of patriotic songs.