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An ‘extra class’ to pray for India’s victory


Lucknow : Students, you would think, are not too fond of extra classes. But many youngsters are religiously turning up for the one being held at their primary school here – to seek divine intervention for the victory of India in the World Cup.

The Khaleelabad Primary School in Sant Kabir Nagar, 300 km from Lucknow, has been conducting extra classes for several weeks during which students and teachers pray for Indian cricketers.

“The extra class is common to students of different classes and is held after the school gets over at 11.30 a.m. We have been doing it ever since the World Cup 2011 started,” principal Ram Dayal told reporters Tuesday in Sant Kabir Nagar.

“Normally, you would find students are not interested in attending extra classes that are meant to finish the school syllabus. However, our students just love attending the extra class that lasts 30 minutes. We expect more students to turn up to offer prayers ahead of the India-Pakistan semifinal match,” he added.

The match will be held Wednesday in Mohali, Punjab.

According to school officials, during the extra class, students of Class 1-5 assemble in the school hall and start offering prayers for the victory of team India.

There is no compulsion to attend.

“Though there is no compulsion, the majority of students turn up. We normally start with Vedic chants that are believed to bring good luck. Students from minority communities are asked to offer prayers in their own way.

“Once that is done, we shout slogans in favour of the cricketers,” he added.

At present, 150-0dd students are enrolled in the school.