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After elections coalition govt. possible: Karunanidhi

By V. M. Khaleelur Rahman for TwoCircles.net,

Chennai: Hinting that the ruling DMK may possibly lose some seats, and may not be able to form government alone, Chief Minister and DMK chief Mr. M. Karunanidhi has said that after the assembly elections, a coalition government is possible if necessary in consultation with all parties.

Mr. Karunanidhi said this in an interview to CNN TV channel. The fact is that the DMK is confident of winning the election to its advantage. However to one of the many questions posed by the interviewer the DMK chief expressed the above view.

To a question if the DMK contesting the elections unprecedentedly in fewer constituencies in Tamil Nadu can be taken as a signal of a coalition government in the offing in the state,the DMK chief said: As regards changes in politics, only after elections, we can say if it is a single party government or a coalition government. In West Bengal even though the Marxist Communist party is the ruling party, before election results they form a coalition of parties like CPI, Forward Block and other parties and after results they form the government in accordance with the need of the hour. I believe and think like that.

In Tamil Nadu I think people and others want the government of a single party to continue. In case there is any change in what you call the method of voting and a situation is created to the extent that a coalition government is considered a must for continuation of the government, then we will consider about it in consultation with other parties, he said.

Meanwhile, another story which received prominence in newspapers and created a sort of sensation in Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu is the arrest of a DMK Member of Parliament from Ramanathapuram, Mr. J.K. Ritheesh. It is reported that he was arrested by the police for alleged criminal intimidation and atrocities against some people in his constituency a day earlier. He was arrested and lodged in Madurai prison in Tamil Nadu according to reports in the newspapers.