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Chinese musician to translate Tagore compositions


Kolkata : Renowned Chinese musician Liu Yuening is set about to translate Rabindranath Tagore’s compositions into Chinese as part of the bard’s 150th birth anniversary celebrations. The first on his priority list are love songs by the Nobel Laureate.

“Tagore songs are quite popular in China but the main problem or rather obstacle in Tagore songs gaining popularity is the lack of translations from English to Chinese,” says Liu Yuening, who is a professor at the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM).

“Due to this, they are not getting popular although the Chinese people want to hear Tagore songs,” he added.

Liu is currently in Kolkata to perform to showcase China’s bid to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

In order to make Tagore songs popular in China, Liu, who spent seven months at the faculty of Music and Fine Arts of Delhi University in 2009, begun preparations for translation of Tagore songs from English to Chinese.

“I have started preparations for translating Rabindrsangeet from English to Chinese. I will first translate the love songs composed by Tagore. People in China are very inquisitive about Tagore,” said Liu.