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SP to protest against price hike, but will continue to support UPA -II

By Faisal Fareed, TwoCircles.net,

Lucknow : Even though the Samajwadi Party has opposed the Congress party vehemently over petrol price hike, the party appears in no mood to withdraw its support from UPA-II.

Azam Khan, national general secretary, SP denied making any decision to withdraw support from the Congress led UPA -II, over petrol price hike.

“We have extended support to the UPA-II, in order to keep BJP at bay. We are in no hurry to withdraw it,” said Khan on Sunday.

Khan was addressing newsmen along with SP scion Akhilesh Yadav at party headquarters on Sunday.

When reminded about petrol price hike and spiraling inflation rate, Khan remarked: ” We will be opposing it tooth and nail. Our leadership already has given a call for protest on November 9,” he added.

Also addressing newsmen, Akhilesh highlighted scam in MNREGA scheme blaming both the centre and state government for siphoning funds. “We already have raised the issue in parliament about large scale financial embezzlement in MNREGA funds in UP. No seriuos action has been taken so far,” he said.

On the occasion Azam Khan also got success in getting tickets for three of his loyalists. The list includes Shahid Ali who was earlier in RLD from Najeebabad, Qutubuddin Ansari who was earlier in BSP from Noorpur (both in Bijnoure district) and Saeed Ahmed who was earlier in BSP from Pratappur in Allahabad.

Earlier Naeemul Hasan the president of party’s youth wing was given the ticket from Noorpur while Sheikh Abid from Najeebabad. From Pratapur in Allahabad, party loyalist Jokhu Ram Yadav was expected to get the ticket. However, SP preferred party hoppers over his old and trusted workers thus also establishing Azam Khan’s supremacy in deciding the tickets.

Large scale resentment with party workers in concerned districts even resorting to protests and burning effigy were also reported. Plans for showing black flags to Akhilesh during his visit have also been planned.