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`Job creation a way to tackle economic crisis’


Rio De Janeiro : Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said that job creation is a way to tackle economic crisis.

In her weekly radio show Monday, Rousseff said the current crisis, which is affecting the US and the European Union, cannot be tackled by reducing workers’ rights, reported Xinhua.

“The unemployment matter is extremely worrying. It affects 200 million people in the world,” she said, stressing that according to the International Labor Organization most of the unemployed around the world are young people.

She said that the situation in Brazil was “completely different” because when the crisis erupted in 2008, the country turned “to reinforce domestic market”.

“We are close to full employment. From January to September 2011, over 2.079 million formal jobs were created,” she said.

She also stressed the importance of proper regulation of the financial sector.

“The difference between us and the rich countries which are undergoing a crisis is that we have a solid economy, with solid, regulated and controlled banks. Brazil does not have a high debt, on the contrary, it has reserves of $350 billion US dollars,” she said.