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Government lacks floor coordination, says BJP


New Delhi : The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government was lacking in floor coordination in parliament and was unable to control its members, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Thursday said Thursday and denied that it was disrupting proceedings.

Leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said: “It seems the Congress is unable to manage floor coordination and its members. We tried our best to run the house by agreeing to the Left demand on a debate on price rise despite our adjournment motion on a debate on the black money issue.”

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley too said the government lacked floor coordination.

The BJP said it was trying to save opposition unity by supporting the Left on the price rise debate, which could not be held Thursday as the Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day after Congress members protested over the Telangana issue.

Sushma Swaraj said the BJP would now give a fresh notice for an adjournment motion on black money Monday in the Lok Sabha, but is open to the house taking up the Left demand for a discussion on price rise.

The BJP said its leader L.K. Advani had given a notice for an adjournment motion on black money issue in consultation with the Left parties.

She said the Left, including the Communist Party of India (CPI) and the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), agreed to change the words “government’s failure” to “situation arising out of” in their notice on the debate on black money.