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A children’s book that sheds light on Gandhi


New Delhi: “Gandhi – The Path to Greatness”, a short biography that promises to enlighten kids about Mahatma Gandhi in a “matter of minutes” with its simple, uncluttered language has been launched here.

Authored by theatre personality Lushin Dubey and published by Scholastic India, the 60- page book priced at Rs.100, was launched Saturday on the eve of the Father of the Nation’s 142nd birth anniversary.

“In simple, uncluttered prose, she succeeds in creating a vivid portrait of Gandhi while providing information that readers will find valuable,” actor Sharmila Tagore wrote in the book’s foreword.

According to Dubey, the book successfully sums up Gandhi’s life in a nutshell and presents it before the kids in an inspiring manner.

“If the kids read this book, they would get an insight into the Mahatma’s life in a matter of 15-20 minutes,” Dubey told IANS.

A group of kids from her theatre group then read inspiring excerpts from the book and also sang bhajans.

“I was inspired by reading that he fought against the British government in Africa against the bill for compulsory registration which forced all Indians to be finger-printed,” nine-year-old Dharini Chandok told IANS.

“Even Anna Hazare followed Gandhiji’s principle and that is why his movement became successful,” she added. “I’ve read it twice.”