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Zardari seeks global help to cope with disasters


Islamabad : Pakistan has urged the international community, particularly the nations having advanced technology and expertise for disaster management, to help it in capacity building to handle eventualities caused by natural calamities.

“Pakistan is vulnerable to a range of natural hazards and looks forward to the international community to assist us in capacity building and also in relief and rehabilitation efforts in the devastated areas,” said President Asif Ali Zardari during a meeting Friday with Margareta Wahlstrom, UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for disaster risk reduction.

The president asked a UN delegation, headed by Wahlstrom, that the devastation caused by climatic change was a wake-up call to look for permanent solutions to natural disasters.

The President’s spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, quoted Zardari as saying: “The situation calls for enhanced cooperation between those who have expertise and advanced technology and those who are still struggling to cope with such emergency situations.”

He said the government, in collaboration with the private sector and non-governmental organisations, was working on a number of steps, including educating the people, to meet situations caused by natural calamities.

“However, the scope of our efforts remains limited mainly due to economic constraints and limitations of capacity,” the president said.