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Man thrown out of Kejriwal rally for asking questions


Hisar (Haryana) : A young man was pushed out of a public meeting Saturday night addressed by activist Arvind Kejriwal after he asked him why Team Anna was opposed to Congress.

TV footage of the incident in Uchana Kalan area showed a man in a blue shirt trying to get close to the dais where Kejriwal and other Team Anna members were addressing the public.

The man tried to question Kejriwal on Congress. Seeing this, Team Anna supporters, some of them sporting Gandhi caps, pulled him away and the rest of the crowd also started pushing him.

The man’s shirt was torn in the process and he was pushed out of the venue.

On Sunday, Kejriwal described the incident as unfortunate. “Some people in the crowd got excited when he asked us some questions. They pushed him out which was not the right thing to do.”

“We are willing to answer questions from anyone. We are not shying away from this,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal and other Team Anna members are in the Hisar Lok Sabha constituence, where by-election will be held Oct 13, to campaign against the Congress for not bringing an effective Jan Lokpal bill.

On Saturday, Kejriwal had called upon Hisar voters to give a historic defeat to the Congress for trying to protect the corrupt.