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Parliamentary panel favours dole to jobless youths


New Delhi : A parliamentary panel has suggested allowance for registered unemployed youths in the country.

The parliamentary panel on labour and employment also said a strategy should be prepared to attract private entreprises to notify their vacancies at job exchanges connected through a proposed national job portal.

Stating that unemployment allowance is being paid by a few states, the panel suggested rest of the states should be “persuaded” to provide such allowance.

It also suggested that in order to make employment exchanges attractive to job seekers, it is necessary that private employers notify their vacancies in these job centres.

The committee also said the comprehensive strategy to attract private employers could ask them to advertise their vacancies on the portal and give them access to the profiles of candidates besides allowing them to screen, test and interview the candidates at employment exchanges.

According to the panel, the web portal will connect all exchanges providing all employment related information.