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Traditional fabrics turn sensual in Tahiliani’s show


New Delhi : Designer Tarun Tahiliani’s debut at the third edition of the Van Heusen India Men’s Week (VHIMW) here showcased fabrics like malmal and khadi in a sensual yet modern avatar.

Whether it was little tweaking in collars or placement of buttons in the slim-fit trousers, the designer knew how simple innovation could add zing to the earthy tones of beige and khaki.

“It is a blend of Indian draping, where I tried to bring the rich flavour of the old India, not the royal India. My focus was more on layering and texture – to bring out the sexy as well the masculine side. Sensuality played an important role in my collection,” Tahiliani told IANS late Friday.

As the sound of dhol reverberated the main show area, models with heavily oiled hair, parted on one side, were dressed in jackets, waist coats, dhotis and pocketed jodhpuris. They depicted the modern fakir or world traveller.

“No matter what I do, my collection has to be always luxurious. The tag of luxury walks with me and in me. I respond to it. Luxury doesn’t mean being expensive but the comfort and the feel the final product gives,” Tahiliani added.

Tahiliani left no stone unturned to make his first-ever show in VHIMW perfect, as he gave the left wing of the stage to a qawwali group, which mesmerized the audience with upbeat folk music.

The earthy collection and rooted music tried to bring the authentic flavour and images of old India.

An established designer in women’s fashion world, Tahiliani’s entry into menswear line seems applaudable.